To ensure your brand new swimsuit lasts you through summer we recommend that you take care of it like any other much-loved item in your wardrobe. 

Follow our recommendations below and you can look forward to enjoying your new purchase for some time to come.

  • Rinse or hand wash gently in cold water immediately after wearing. It’s important that any chlorine or salt water is removed. Do not put in washing machine
  • Do not roll up wet or store wet
  • It is important not to leave your wet swimsuit wrapped inside a towel
  • Be careful not to wear light coloured clothing over wet swimwear as some shades may transfer when wet
  • Leave to dry inside to avoid direct sunlight. Over time direct sunlight may cause the fabric colouring to fade.
  • Do not machine wash, bleach, soak, dry clean or iron your swimsuit
  • Avoid contact with suntan lotions and oils as they can damage the elasticity and fabric of your swimsuit
  • Avoid pools treated with harsh chemicals and we also recommend that you avoid spas
  • It is important to avoid rough surfaces and jewellery that can snag your swimsuit
  • Pilling is a natural occurrence for both synthetic and natural yarns and can be caused by a garment being exposed to movement or friction. Sundaze Swimwear is not responsible for the pilling or balling of fabrics.