Sundaze is dedicated to making a difference in anyway possible. We really care about the environment and the future of our world as we want future generations to enjoy this beautiful place we call earth as much as we do. We are taking our first steps towards a more responsible future and embracing this journey, learning along the way and making conscious efforts to minimise our impact on the planet. 


We have just started our online journey and are aware of the shipping bags and plastic involved in sending out orders. We want to do this right from the start so our goal is to continually revisit our packaging solutions we aim to begin using compostable and biodegradable poly bags for all orders right away and using recycled tissue paper to wrap our packages. The bags are certified by home compostable. they can be composted at home, with your food scraps and garden waste, or in green bins. when the bags break down, they don’t leach anything, they just lose strength, become fragile and degrade to zero waste.

Our care instruction cards will be printed on recycled paper and we will not send out printed invoices with orders as this will all in their emails when the order is placed as we want to reduce the use of paper which typically gets thrown away. All returns can and will be done online. 


We have noticed a huge switch with our swimwear brands also on their sustainable journeys so a lot of our swimsuits you will find are being produced with sustainability in mind and using recycled fabrics. For more information on this refer to our blogs page or their own brand page for more information.   


For our brand Zellsea we have used GOTS certified oragnic cotton. Organic cotton fibres are grown from non-genetically modified seeds, without synthetic pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides. the organic farming practice enables ecosystems and soils to be sustained, and is grown alongside food which feeds the farmers. These methods use less energy and water, producing less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional cotton farming. 

While there will always be more to learn and better practices to evolve into, we are welcoming the journey to becoming a more sustainable company online and in our shops. The shift towards a more sustainable mindset extends beyond now. The journey to change will become an essential part of the overall brand/company ethos as the responsibility is ours in minimising waste and embracing best practice for a sustainable future.

Just like you, our sustainability journey is forever evolving, and change happens when we focus on where we want to reach. What you buy makes a difference.